Photographer Debbie Fimple

                          Welcome to Debbie Fimple Photography!

I am Debbie Fimple, a very ordinary person blessed with an extraordinary talent for seeing and recording the beauty in the world around us.  

                              All things bright and beautiful 

                              All creatures great and small,

                              All things wise and wonderful: 

                              The Lord God made them all.

This little poem by Cecil Alexander, 1848, has been a source of inspiration throughout my life.  As a child, my passion for becoming a veterinarian was fueled by reading the autobiographies of James Herriot who titled his books using the lines of this poem.  

I admired Dr. Herriot's deep compassion for the animals and the country people he served, his sense of humor and his appreciation of the beauty of the world around him.  Instead of the written word, I use photography to share the things I am passionate about like nature, wildlife, and all types of landscapes (and my grandchildren!).

My goal is to create an image that evokes a feeling of peace and appreciation for the natural beauty all around us.  Although I am not a portrait artist, lighting, composition, balance and color harmony are still important components of my photography. Patience, opportunity and luck also play a major role in creating my art especially when wildlife is part of the composition.

I hope you enjoy the images in the galleries of my DFP Portfolio.  If you see an image you would like to have in your home or office to give you respite from the merry-go-round of life , please contact me.